Prototype Lithium-ion Battery Cells Production
Our production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art electrode and cell manufacturing equipment
We can produce 2Ah-10Ah customized battery cells according to our customer’s applications.
Advanced Lithium Battery Technologies
High energy/high power lithium batteries based on advanced electrode materials, gradient electrode structures, and patented semi-solid electrolyte
Novel electrode architectures and cell designs to protect metallic lithium from dendrite formation and improve cycling performance.
Flame Assisted Spray Technology (FAST) Synthesis and Recycling of Electrode Materials
FAST can reduce the resource and capital costs of materials production
Versatile for direct production of various battery materials. Enables a closed-loop recycling process to recover cathode materials from spent EV batteries in a continuous manner.
High Power Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
High power solid oxide cells by mitigating polarizations from anode, cathode and electrolyte
Advanced manufacturing approaches and cell structures enable increased power density at stack level.
Ion Conducting Membranes
Highly conductive and fully dense lithium-ion, sodium-ion, and proton membranes in various configurations.
Specifically develop ion conductors for other cations.

Advanced Research & Development

Our pioneering team of scientists and engineers work collaboratively to tackle scientific and technical challenges in materials and electrochemical devices. Storagenergy is proud to make an impact in the industry by developing innovative materials, energy-based systems, and sustainable technologies.

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We are dedicated to developing world-changing technologies that help provide for tomorrow’s technologies.

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